A brand’s new story

Eye To Eye's movement for different thinkers

October 12, 2012 http://eyetoeyenational.org/

Eye to Eye started as a grassroots public service mentoring project that evolved into a national not for profit with diverse goals and multiple audience. To reach larger funders and leverage the strength of its network, the organization needed to sharpen its messaging and brand positioning. Through a Taproot Foundation grant, the organization worked with a group of talented individuals, including me, the team’s brand strategist, to pull together the many threads of its organization’s history, vision and impact to create a unified brand positioning and compelling messaging.

Reaching agreement on what to emphasize in Eye to Eye’s messaging gave senior management and board members the opportunity to reassess their organizational priorities and re-energize their fundraising activities. ┬áIt has spurred the development of a new brand identity system, website and fundraising campaign as well as attracting the serious interest of new institutional partners.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Key Messaging
  • Naming

The work Patricia did for Project Eye-To-Eye has totally revolutionized the way we think about our organization. Our constituents have already become more aware of and more engaged with our mission.
David Flink, Executive Director, Eye to Eye