Copy for the Cloud

Sabalcore's content strategy informs design.

Sabalcore Computing Inc., won several new clients and realized that their brand wasn’t keeping pace with the markets they serve or the range of offerings they provide. In fact, their website, the key element of their marketing strategy; wasn’t making use of simple SEO techniques or basic marketing tactics to win new business or more deeply engage clients. York Branding and JRDG, redesigned their website and brand identity and turned to Making Words Count for messaging and copy that would serve very different groups of clients and prospects.

Making Words Count audited a select group of Sabalcore’s competitors to understand how others present their services and lead users through the service experience. The findings highlighted key copy needed to market their services and influenced the design of the information architecture for the site. Sabalcore’s new site focuses on providing overviews of their technical capabilities by industry in easy to read language with relevant deep dives for more technical users. It has deepened their clients’ confidence in their stability as a provider as well as making them a visible contender in an emerging industry.


  • Content Strategy
  • Content Audit
  • Web Copy

“Patricia’s obsessive attention to detail, focus on results and dedication to deliver solid, well researched brand strategies along with her flawless writing skills make her the perfect marketing partner.”  Javier Romero, CEO, Javier Romero Design Group