It's easy to send messages

Truly communicating takes a bit more thought.

Is your brand helping you grow?

If it’s not, it’s probably holding you back. I spend a lot of time listening to clients’ target customers. Sharing my findings, clients are often surprised to hear that customers don’t fully understand what the company is trying to communicate or emphasize in their offering. Or perhaps it’s a case that they’re message is bang on but they’re not telling their story in the right places. Either way, it’s a communication gap. I find out what matters most to your customers and help you communicate with them in language that resonates — not with you, but with them.

I start from the customer’s perspective and identify the key drivers influencing their purchase decisions. I also highlight any credibility challenges or points of friction that may make a customer doubt your offer.  Then we can develop a strategy for your brand communications and a marketing plan for reaching your customers where they are actually considering their options.

Brand Marketing Services

  • Communication Audits

    Audits are an important step in understanding where to focus time and investments. They answer questions like:  Are you communicating the right messages? Is your visual and verbal identity consistently employed? Are you using the channels your target audiences use?  

  • Positioning

    Differentiating your brand from the competition can takes many forms but centers on one core idea. Is your organization the smartest, fastest, most advanced, creative, thoughtful, hardworking-you get the idea? Can you support that differentiation? Through a variety of research methods and facilitation workshops, we’ll develop a strategy that resonates with your target audiences and makes sense with your organization’s mission and goals.

  • Message Development

    Establishing your brand’s priorities in communication with stakeholders means deciding what to say in specific circumstances about your company, your mission, your services and your approach. Saying it in a way that’s compelling and on point with your brand’s personality and positioning is my specialty.

  • Brand Voice

    The way you express what your brand stands for has a huge impact on how others see you. Establishing a distinctive, tone, manner and style for your verbal communications is an important element of your brand identity and effective messaging. Guidelines and examples are created to demonstrate how your brand’s personality is reflected in anything from your elevator pitch to the copy on a product label.

  • Training

    Launching a new brand strategy is a huge milestone for a company and needs the engagement of the staff who will deliver on its promise everyday. Creating a plan to share the new strategy and train staff on its meaning in their daily work is essential.

  • Ideation Workshops

    Need to get the ball moving among a group with multiple points of view? Or inspire new perspectives? Working with a valued partner, we can develop a customized session to meet specific goals using creative tools that draw people out of their usual thinking and challenge their perceptions. We ask hard questions, push back on perceptions and bring teams together to solve problems.