Understand who your customer is.

Which market should you enter next? What product benefits are most important? How do customers view you in relation to your competition? Why hasn’t your program initiative taken off? Tailored research gives you the insights and benchmarks to make strategic decisions with confidence.

Using a variety of methodologies including in-depth interviews, focus and ideation groups, field observations and surveys, I can design a study that targets your particular business questions and deliver insightful guidance. In most cases, it’s a faster and more effective solution. It also eliminates the biases that often arise in directly asking customers for frank feedback regarding your offerings in comparison to those of your competitors.

A mix of qualitative and quantitative research

  • In-depth Interviews

    The most revealing information often comes from unscripted questions. I’m adept in synthesizing information quickly and respectfully probing for deeper responses. Having a neutral party speak one-on-one with customers, prospects, end-users or other influencers of purchasing decisions give organizations powerful insight into the processes, perceptions and drivers affecting their purchasing decisions, loyalty and market outlook.

  • Observational Evaluations

    Sometimes the best way to understand what your customer is experiencing is to experience it yourself. This isn’t always practical when you have multiple locations or are well known by your staff and employees. Let me play the role of any type of customer you are interested in and present a detailed description of how well it follows your expectations.

  • Win/Loss Analysis

    Relying on a sales team to conduct post-deal analysis and interviews does not typically generate accurate insight into why you really lost or won. Prospects are candid with an independent third party in a way they will not be with someone from sales or marketing. We conduct in-depth interviews designed to elicit actionable information so clients can continue to refine all aspects of their offering, sales process and marketing efforts.

  • Surveys

    A carefully crafted survey can provide the quantitative information to set future product and company direction. I work closely with clients to design surveys and develop marketing strategies to achieve a good response rate — particularly when online surveys are employed. I partner with experienced statisticians to develop sample size, refine survey designs and comprehensively analyze survey results.